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22 submissions !! to the #Energy Devroom at @fosdem ranging from #GreenSoftware to #HomeAutomation and control systems. It will be a challenge to select as the proposals are all so good! Don't miss out and plan your trip to Brussels 4-5 February. #FOSS #FOSDEM #SustainableEnergy

Since @fosdem is back on track this year, so do many satellite events. Check out , plan ahead and have a great time in Brussels!

#fosdem #offdem #CHAOSScon #xmpp #oc3 #CfgMgmtCamp participates at as speaker. Also looking forward to meet @GetI2P and friends in Brussels. Core topic: creation of technology to privately store and trade any existing or future digital value (like ).

Save-the-date: , 4th and 5th of Feb 2023, Brussels! will present its projects. Thanks a lot to the great organisators @FOSDEM and their outstanding efforts!



New and exciting developments: @FOSDEM, as one of the most relevant and largest software conferences, is a must in 2023 for all software developers from around the world.
More: schedule:

🎉 New I2P release (based on I2Pd v2.45.1) available on - see here

Version 2.45 contains quite some SSU2-related fixes (in a nutshell / purpose of the changes: I2P got modernized, faster and more reliable).

BTW: there are quite some talks (🔥 lightning talk, talk, talk) at Brussels at @fosdem -

At you'll meet the developers, see

👍 🙏 to @i2p developers. Great stuff!



The I2P network is supported by 's outproxy services. Outproxies allow I2P participants to access the internet through the safety of the I2P network. Sponsorships and donations will help people all over the world who rely on the I2P network.


🤓 One of the talks will be about for . In a nutshell: how to create naming services driven by technology within a -by-design overlay network. Developed by - - in academic cooperation with the University of Applied Arts and Science in Lucerne Switzerland.

Save the date, Feb 4th in Brussels at ULB:

Why does use @GetI2P technology? There are several reasons: I2P is an independent network, garlic routing protects identities and it’s always using end-to-end encryption. I2P is an project. More:

"Everyone Owns its Bank" - follows this principle and supports the development of DIVA. Dozens of enthusiasts from around the world are involved in creating a truly secure and reliable exchange for digital values. Discover more:

Using a combination of peer-to-peer networks, Democratic Byzantine Fault Tolerance and garlic routing: .exchange creates technology for exchanging any digital value. Discover more:

🎉 update - new software release of SAM library, v4.1.6.

It helps people all over to world to communicate and preserving . See here for stats and readme and more:

I2P-SAM is an important part of which is a Democratic Byzantine Fault Tolerant distributed storage layer (aka ).

Watch out for upcoming conference talks in the next months... 🔥


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