- a privacy-by-design and fully distributed network - offers a communication interface called "SAM".

SAM enables applications to communicate over I2P (example: a distributed storage layer).

has created a modern, well-tested SAM library to use I2P by any application, it's on @codeberg and released as v1.0.3 today πŸŽ‰ :

SAM specs here:

πŸ“¦ Package here:

As always: feedback very welcome! πŸ™ 😍


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@social @i2p that's a good package, I'll check it out. I wrote the php-i2p package a while ago, so maybe good for my knowledge to compare their workings :)

@social @i2p
Quite a different approach, but it looks to be working out 😊

@social well it follows the specification ofcourse, but both projects work slightly different in architecture.

@sexybiggetje Are you referring to your PHP implementation? Node js is very much async... Hence it has it's specific "Promise" related architecture. What we know: the library is now really fast (v1. 2) - at least in a JS context.

@social yes, when PHP releases it's fibers support (much more async) I might take a look at using that.

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