🎉If you are interested what the upcoming upgrade on social.diva.exchange will bring:


The upgrade policy of the @social instance: stable releases, after the dust has settled 😁

A big thanks to the whole community to make great software happen. Don't forget to donate to your favourite project, like diva.exchange/en/join-in/ @konrad

🤩 The small & beautiful instance social.diva.exchange got again busier the last days.

users are welcome on the open instance.

Currently the keeps an eye on the content and removes undesired behaviour as seen on the birdiste (automated stuff, commercial/influencer content etc.).

social.diva.exchange is related to diva.exchange and hence related to , , , , and .

❤️ 🙏 Thank you for your support!

🤩 New release - here is the complete post: reddit.com/r/i2p/comments/un3m

It is about the latest release and the fixes for the issues reported by the growing community 🙏.

It is a fully distributed storage layer, aka . Private, secure, open, highly energy efficient. Developed in coop with Swiss universities.

💝 It is licensed, so stuff.

"I2P for Everyone" wurde veröffentlicht, basierend auf I2Pd v2.41.0.

🎉 Release via & zugehöriger Artikel:




ermöglicht allen Menschen ihre digitalen Rechte und die zu schützen.

Wissen: I2P speichert per Default keine fremden Daten auf dem lokalen Gerät.

arbeitet mit Universitäten und Akademia zusammen und erforscht I2P.

Grosses 🙏 & ❤️ an alle Sponsoren in der .

Neuer Release 🎉: wurde aktualisiert. Präziser: die Variante, welche etwas weniger Ressourcen benötigt als die Java Variante. ist eher für Sysadmins geeignet.

2.41.0 ist hier: github.com/PurpleI2P/i2pd/rele

Dank an das @i2p Dev team 🙏💪🚀... Tolle Arbeit.


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