Decentralized exchanges use blockchain technology to enable trustless trades, ensuring that transactions are transparent and immutable


As the world of continues to evolve, BFT is likely to play an increasingly important role in ensuring the security and reliability of distributed systems.
It is a powerful tool for creating networks that are resistant to attacks and can function effectively in a variety of environments.

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Fault Tolerance offers a number of profits, including resistance to hacking, greater scalability, and faster transaction times. It also allows for a network, which is one of the core principles of technology.

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In the context of or , BFT is a consensus algorithm that allows distributed systems to reach an agreement despite the presence of faulty nodes. It is used in many blockchain networks to ensure the integrity and security of transactions.

As more adopt proof-of-stake, it will be interesting to see how this algorithm continues to evolve and improve.
PoS has the potential to be a more sustainable and efficient alternative to proof-of-work, and could play a significant role in the future of technology.

While proof-of-work may have some drawbacks, it has proven to be a reliable and effective way to validate transactions on networks.
As the ecosystem of continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how this algorithm adapts

🤓 One of the talks will be about for . In a nutshell: how to create naming services driven by technology within a -by-design overlay network. Developed by - - in academic cooperation with the University of Applied Arts and Science in Lucerne Switzerland.

Save the date, Feb 4th in Brussels at ULB:

🎉 update - new software release of SAM library, v4.1.6.

It helps people all over to world to communicate and preserving . See here for stats and readme and more:

I2P-SAM is an important part of which is a Democratic Byzantine Fault Tolerant distributed storage layer (aka ).

Watch out for upcoming conference talks in the next months... 🔥


🎉 Neue Version des Explorers veröffentlicht, siehe:

Der Explorer kann u.a. hier angesehen werden: .

ist ein wissenschaftliches Projekt in der mit Fokus auf Forschung von Privatsphäre-schützenden vollständig verteilten Systemen. Unterrichtet wird u.a. an der Hochschule . Forschende können sich bei bewerben für Unterstützung (Kontakt, siehe

The instance has been updated today - software and stuff. 😀

It's an instance open to everyone, some simple rules are here:

The instance has focusses on , , , , , and

💯 thanks to Jetbrains 💚 -
@jetbrains - Grant of licenses to helps developing projects like - secure communications all over the world with @i2p - or a highly (energy-)efficient and truly private at


New🔥: explorer has been released today - . Changes: new UI, lots of fixes and a "Try it" feature on the "About" page.

Live testnet, showing the new explorer in action:

🤩 New release - here is the complete post:

It is about the latest release and the fixes for the issues reported by the growing community 🙏.

It is a fully distributed storage layer, aka . Private, secure, open, highly energy efficient. Developed in coop with Swiss universities.

💝 It is licensed, so stuff.

🎉 New divachain release out on codeberg and github. Close to production grade. divachain is a fully , -based generic purpose and generic distributed storage (aka ). It is lightweight and highly efficient (PBFT-PoS consensus).

See here:

🔥 New release of - the and the explorer have been updated on the git repo on - it's all licensed. ❤️

The explorer release is here:

This is the repo of the chain:

Energy-efficient, completely private ("Privacy-By-Design" - all over I2P, @i2p), a wide range of use cases and truly .

Welcome to the fully distributed data ledger for everybody and all sorts of digital values.

Neuer Release von - die und der explorer wurden auf aktualisiert. Alles . 🔥

Hier gehts zum Explorer-Release:

Hier gehts zum Repo der Chain:

Energieeffizient, konsequent Privatsphäre-schützend (alles über I2P, @i2p), breit einsetzbar und echt .

Willkommen beim vollständig verteilten Datenspeicher für alle und alle digitalen Werte.

Mit dem freien Softwareprojekt DIVA.EXCHANGE zeigen wir, wie die Aufbewahrung, der Handel und der Zahlungsverkehr mit digitalen Werten ganz ohne zentrale Dienstleister funktioniert – sicher und mit kompromisslosem Schutz der Privatsphäre.
In dieser Grafik haben wir versucht zu erklären wies geht. Feedback ist ❤️-lich willkommen 🌈 .

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