🔥 🎉 Neuer Software Release: i2pd v2.43.0. Beinhaltet zahlreiche Verbesserungen für die Privatsphäre.

Container wurden auch aktualisiert: hub.docker.com/r/divax/i2p

Einführung in I2P mit Docker: diva.exchange/de/privatsphaere

Open Source von I2P : github.com/diva-exchange/i2p

Willst du I2P in Aktion sehen? Gespiegelt ins "Clearnet" für Einsteiger: testnet.diva.exchange/

Vollständige I2P Dokumentation: geti2p.net/

🙏 grosses Dankeschön ans Dev Team @i2p

New🔥: explorer has been released today - github.com/diva-exchange/explo . Changes: new UI, lots of fixes and a "Try it" feature on the "About" page.

Live testnet, showing the new explorer in action: testnet.diva.exchange

🔥 Neue sind auf der Einstiegsseite von diva.exchange zu sehen. Die Eule steht in Verbindung mit den Werten von . Die Illustrationen werden im Kopfbereich der Seite benutzt.

Ein grosses Dankeschön an den ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Illustrator welcher uns bei unterstützt. Für ein kleines aber erfreuliches Projekt im Bereich , und ist die visuelle Unterstützung super wertvoll! @carolyn

Save-the-date for Saturday June 18th, '22 - results: "Trying to De-Anonymize Network Participants" presented by researchers of HSLU.

Pic of give-away at conf in . Latest brew (2022) called "di'lemma" by diva.exchange

🤩 save-the-date Saturday, June 18th, 2022:

New results: "Trying to De-Anonymize Network Participants" presented by researchers of Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts in.

The results of the research gives insights in attacks and the costs of those attacks.

The conference, , is at Arroz Estúdios - lots of streetart around in the area too.

Live video stream available:

In Lisbon June 18/19 (Saturday & Sunday): has a highly interesting and diverse schedule: monerokon.com/pages/schedule - community made this conf happen - great stuff.

🙏 for having diva.exchange presenting new @i2p research done together with Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts,

Edited: date

🤩 New release - here is the complete post: reddit.com/r/i2p/comments/un3m

It is about the latest release and the fixes for the issues reported by the growing community 🙏.

It is a fully distributed storage layer, aka . Private, secure, open, highly energy efficient. Developed in coop with Swiss universities.

💝 It is licensed, so stuff.

library is getting more and more downloads 😍

Stats: npmjs.com/package/@diva.exchan

The library enables secure, non-discriminatory and private communication between nodes in a fully distributed network.

A test network (aka "explorer") for one of the use cases (diva) is found here: testnet.diva.exchange

is a scientific/research project in . You can join too, if you like. It's all and focussing on . See also diva.exchange


🔥 Eine neue Version, v4.0.3, der Bibliothek wurde von veröffentlicht. 😍

Die Bibliothek erlaubt sichere, nicht-diskriminierende und private Kommunikation zwischen vollständig verteilten Knoten.

Das Testnetzwerk und "Explorer" zu diva: testnet.diva.exchange

diva ist ein wissenschaftliches und offenes Projekt in der (mit unterdessen weltweiten Entwicklern). Auch du kannst mitmachen.


"I2P for Everyone" wurde veröffentlicht, basierend auf I2Pd v2.41.0.

🎉 Release via & zugehöriger Artikel:




ermöglicht allen Menschen ihre digitalen Rechte und die zu schützen.

Wissen: I2P speichert per Default keine fremden Daten auf dem lokalen Gerät.

arbeitet mit Universitäten und Akademia zusammen und erforscht I2P.

Grosses 🙏 & ❤️ an alle Sponsoren in der .

🎉 Stable SAM library: since a few weeks the JS library is on v4.x. It is referenced in the official @i2p documentation here: geti2p.net/en/docs/api/samv3​

I2P is "-by-design" technology and protects end users efficiently. A SAM library enables applications to communicate over I2P.

Quite some downloads of the library, it seems to have proven. At , the banking tech for everyone, we are happy with it.

Git repo is here: codeberg.org/diva.exchange/i2p

🔥 New release of - the and the explorer have been updated on the git repo on @codeberg - it's all licensed. ❤️

The explorer release is here:

This is the repo of the chain: codeberg.org/diva.exchange/div

Energy-efficient, completely private ("Privacy-By-Design" - all over I2P, @i2p), a wide range of use cases and truly .

Welcome to the fully distributed data ledger for everybody and all sorts of digital values.

Neuer Release von - die und der explorer wurden auf @codeberg aktualisiert. Alles . 🔥

Hier gehts zum Explorer-Release:

Hier gehts zum Repo der Chain: codeberg.org/diva.exchange/div

Energieeffizient, konsequent Privatsphäre-schützend (alles über I2P, @i2p), breit einsetzbar und echt .

Willkommen beim vollständig verteilten Datenspeicher für alle und alle digitalen Werte.

- a privacy-by-design and fully distributed network - offers a communication interface called "SAM".

SAM enables applications to communicate over I2P (example: a distributed storage layer).

has created a modern, well-tested SAM library to use I2P by any application, it's on @codeberg and released as v1.0.3 today 🎉 : codeberg.org/diva.exchange/i2p

SAM specs here: geti2p.net/en/docs/api/samv3

📦 Package here: npmjs.com/package/@diva.exchan

As always: feedback very welcome! 🙏 😍


New release of : it's v0.11.0! 😍


divachain is a generic blockchain (a distributed storage) using as least resources as possible, it's lightning fast, light weight and all licensed. It's used by , see diva.exchange, as the persistant storage layer to empower free banking for everyone.

BTW: it's all running over - 🔥

Videos (like from or ): lbry.tv/@diva.exchange:d


Today diva.exchange will talk in Zurich at Fraumünster. 400 invited guests will celebrate this year's graduates of University of Applied Sciences Zurich. DIVA.EXCHANGE got invited to hold the key note speach. @carolyn will hold it and talk about the innovation of and @i2p .


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