One of the key benefits of decentralized exchanges is that they are resistant to censorship and government intervention.

More info:

Centralized exchanges often require users to provide personal information, which can compromise their and put them at risk of identity theft. This is not possible for a exchange.

Overall, is a powerful tool for privacy and security in online communication. Its anonymity, true distribution, encryption, and nature make it an attractive option for users who value and in their online activities. at FOSDEM 2023

During will present 3 presentations:
- for ;
- for -protect app;
- : Major changes to the peer-to-peer network.

Join us in

We have been choosen as an open source partner of @Docker. Thanks a lot!
Now the development of will become even more
accessible and visible to everyone. Example:

🎉 New I2P release (based on I2Pd v2.45.1) available on - see here

Version 2.45 contains quite some SSU2-related fixes (in a nutshell / purpose of the changes: I2P got modernized, faster and more reliable).

BTW: there are quite some talks (🔥 lightning talk, talk, talk) at Brussels at @fosdem -

At you'll meet the developers, see

👍 🙏 to @i2p developers. Great stuff!

🤓 One of the talks will be about for . In a nutshell: how to create naming services driven by technology within a -by-design overlay network. Developed by - - in academic cooperation with the University of Applied Arts and Science in Lucerne Switzerland.

Save the date, Feb 4th in Brussels at ULB:

🎉 update - new software release of SAM library, v4.1.6.

It helps people all over to world to communicate and preserving . See here for stats and readme and more:

I2P-SAM is an important part of which is a Democratic Byzantine Fault Tolerant distributed storage layer (aka ).

Watch out for upcoming conference talks in the next months... 🔥


Community building of @i2p might evolve, here is the
related issue to comment and vote:

Everyone interested in and is invited.

@sadiedoreen @mark22k

🥀🖖 Randnotiz eines Entwicklers: wird für einen neuen Software Release irgendwann für eine kurze Zeit in den kommenden 72h offline sein.

Die Knoten sind im Netzwerk verteilt. Da es ein Testnetzwerk ist, und der Software Release zahlreiche neue Features bringen wird, werden die Daten im Testnetzwerk gelöscht.

Code und hier:

🤩 The small & beautiful instance got again busier the last days.

users are welcome on the open instance.

Currently the keeps an eye on the content and removes undesired behaviour as seen on the birdiste (automated stuff, commercial/influencer content etc.). is related to and hence related to , , , , and .

❤️ 🙏 Thank you for your support!

🎉 New I2P SAM library software release: v4.1.5 adds some documentation, updates docker test containers and more...

helps people all over the world to protect their and in the digital world - everyday.

If you'd like to learn some more about the @i2p project and development: 📺

or the docs on

The association develops free software, .

The instance has been updated today - software and stuff. 😀

It's an instance open to everyone, some simple rules are here:

The instance has focusses on , , , , , and

🙏 Interview at in is out now. @i2p and DIVA.EXCHANGE folks have been interviewed about , , , and all that stuff.

Here is audio only :

Here is the video: -

Interview starts at 2:30 for about 20 minutes.

@konrad @carolyn

Save-the-date for Saturday June 18th, '22 - results: "Trying to De-Anonymize Network Participants" presented by researchers of HSLU.

Pic of give-away at conf in . Latest brew (2022) called "di'lemma" by

🤩 save-the-date Saturday, June 18th, 2022:

New results: "Trying to De-Anonymize Network Participants" presented by researchers of Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts in.

The results of the research gives insights in attacks and the costs of those attacks.

The conference, , is at Arroz Estúdios - lots of streetart around in the area too.

Live video stream available:

In Lisbon June 18/19 (Saturday & Sunday): has a highly interesting and diverse schedule: - community made this conf happen - great stuff.

🙏 for having presenting new @i2p research done together with Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts,

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