#FOSDEM 2022 will be online

Kinda expected, but was still hoping that #FOSDEM2022 would be hybrid. Nonetheless thanks to @fosdem organizers for making the difficult decision, and looking forward to the online event!


New release of : it's v0.11.0! 😍


divachain is a generic blockchain (a distributed storage) using as least resources as possible, it's lightning fast, light weight and all licensed. It's used by , see diva.exchange, as the persistant storage layer to empower free banking for everyone.

BTW: it's all running over - 🔥

Videos (like from or ): lbry.tv/@diva.exchange:d


In addition to the use of #FreeSoftware, a general RightToRepair is one of the basic requirements for a more sustainable digitization, in particular for the longevity of our hardware.


🥳 Today#diva has released divachain v0.10.0 - the release notes are on reddit: reddit.com/r/i2p/comments/q8qz

Summary of the release notes:

divachain is a general purpose PBFT #blockchain compatible with #i2p.

divachain got developed in the past 9 months, because #hyperledger (like iroha and similiar blockchain implementations) have been proven to be broken, bloated, insecure and slow.

Get started: codeberg.org/diva.exchange/div

Public testnet: testnet.diva.exchange

#AGPLv3 #privacy 🙏 @i2p

Today diva.exchange will talk in Zurich at Fraumünster. 400 invited guests will celebrate this year's graduates of University of Applied Sciences Zurich. DIVA.EXCHANGE got invited to hold the key note speach. @carolyn will hold it and talk about the innovation of and @i2p .


#Tails 4.23 came out this week 🌈🎉. To those which are waiting to finally have #i2p by default on board of Tails - there is some great work going on.

Now it is also possible to use the out-of-the-box #torbrowser together with #i2p on tails. See here: codeberg.org/diva.exchange/i2p

Packaging of these great features is still open, though. #privacy #security @i2p

Some planned downtime: the social.diva.exchange instance is going to be moved this week to a new location.

So there will be some short downtime (like an hour or so) this week.

❤️ 🇨🇭

Time for a new #introductions toot.

Hello again, #mastodon & #fediverse! 🤓

C'est moi! The evelynyap* that was on mastodon.cloud, who then moved to megadon.net, and then moved to mastodon.sandwich.net.

I now have my very own #instance masto.evelynyap.com. 😊🙏

Thanks to the wonders of #MastoHost @mastohost, non techies like me can have an instance... sans the headache and nose bleed. ☝️😁 #NotATechie #NewHome

#i2p celebrates 20 years of strong #privacy. See this highly interesting post geti2p.net/en/blog/post/2021/0

🌈🎉🎈Thanks to @i2p for all the hard work.

Years of experience and research with i2p enabled lots of interesting and valuable projects, also like the AGPLv3 #foss project diva.exchange - see codeberg.org/diva.exchange

#diva is also an "official" i2p reseed provider and happy supporter.

Arbeiten mit Freier Software:

* raus aus Gewohnheiten
* rein ins Abenteuer
* immer mal nach dem Weg fragen müssen
* neue Aus- und Einsichten entdecken
* staunen, mit wie wenig Ballast man auskommt

Wie Urlaub eben. ;)

New #i2p version available: v2.39.0 🎉 .

I2P provides secure and private communication between the participants of #diva (see also diva.exchange).

Related blog a article and the "How To" here: diva.exchange/en/privacy/intro

A new docker image is also available: hub.docker.com/r/divax/i2p

👏 @i2p - Thanks, great effort!

#FOSS #FLOSS #AGPLv3 code as always available via the coolest repo in the universe @codeberg: codeberg.org/diva.exchange/i2p


Video channel: odysee.com/@diva.exchange:d

Neue Version verfügbar: v2.39.0.

I2P sichert die private Kommunikation zwischen den Teilnehmern von (siehe auch diva.exchange).

Hier ist der Blog Artikel dazu: diva.exchange/de/privatsphaere

Ein neues Image ist ebenfalls verfügbar: hub.docker.com/r/divax/i2p

👏 @i2p - Danke für den Effort!

Code wie immer auf dem coolsten Repository im Universum @codeberg: codeberg.org/diva.exchange/i2p

Video Kanal: odysee.com/@diva.exchange:d

Spende für unsere Ausstellung Deinen Satz.

Warum ist für dich freie & offene Software wichtig? Was ermöglicht sie Dir? Was bedeutet sie für unsere Gesellschaft?
Warum bringt ihr euch ein? ...

:blobwizard: Unterstützt uns... wir sammeln gute Argumente, Erlebnisse uvm. (ca. 100 Zeichen), einfach Antworten oder als DM.

Das Floss-Konfetti wird in einer Ausstellung einen Monat lang vor dem Rathaus (Berlin Tiergarten) ausgestellt und soll Lust auf mehr machen :heart_fire:

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