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Using a combination of peer-to-peer networks, Democratic Byzantine Fault Tolerance and garlic routing: .exchange creates technology for exchanging any digital value. Discover more:

🎉 update - new software release of SAM library, v4.1.6.

It helps people all over to world to communicate and preserving . See here for stats and readme and more:

I2P-SAM is an important part of which is a Democratic Byzantine Fault Tolerant distributed storage layer (aka ).

Watch out for upcoming conference talks in the next months... 🔥


I2P is more than a privacy network. It is actively supporting people in parts of the world where Tor is blocked. I2P's transports are designed for blocking resistance. Please read about the latest SSU2 UDP transport protocol:

DIVA is innovative and truly software. It consists of @GetI2P, and a user interface. Divachain is a very modern blockchain using "Democratic Byzantine Fault Tolerance". Join the opensource and on

#MoneroKon2023 🍍 community funding now open, show your support for #privacy #FOSS #cypherpunk #decentralization ethos.. every #monero deci-nero, centi-nero, milli-nero helps!

Community building of @i2p might evolve, here is the
related issue to comment and vote:

Everyone interested in and is invited.

@sadiedoreen @mark22k

@sadiedoreen @mark22k

DIVA contribution:

Honestly, as soon as all topics mentionned in the github issue above are properly planned, structured and decided, DIVA is happy to be part of the monthly meeting.

DIVA also does not like very much super HUGE topics - rather small technical steps which also create positive vibes instead of frustration. 😀

#Morocco wins 🚀💜💯. That's just perfect. Perfect. #Portugal had a final top possibility... and missed it. Just 💙 this game #soccer #worldcup #teamspirit #diversity

@Enphytea Der Artikel fokussiert auf zentrale Angebote ("Plattformen") unter dem Aspekt des Schutzes von Schutzbedürftigen. Das macht auch ganz viel Sinn, denn Regulation aller zentralen Stellen ist toll: resultiert u.a. in "Vollbeschäftigung" ("J.M. Keynes" in Reinform).

Richtige P2P-Technologien (z.B. "Wallets"/"Blockchains") betrifft das schlicht nicht.

Korrekte Lösung für Regulatoren wäre: vollständige Kriminalisierung aller Menschen (auch nichts Neues).

Ergo: ziemlich lahm, der Artikel.

@geinsios diva blockchain is the "DEX" - the logic is distributed all over the network (there is really no central component - at least in our code from

Someday there will be a useable user interface (current raw prototype: for demonstration purposes available (on testnets).

This might then inspire other use cases developed by other people.

Thank you for all your important tests! It helps us to better understand different environments.

Wow - this is great ☀️ ⭐ 👏 ! #Morocco wins - and they played great during the tournament. What a wonderful team effort and fascinating last 10 minutes of the match! #soccer #worldcup #spain

@geinsios If you have doubts that you are part of any given diva network:

1. check your local /about page using the API, like - by default - curl localhost:17468/about
2. there you will see (and everybody else in the network) your public key
3. use any other instance of the network and check whether your public key is part of their node list.

Example, using the testnet: go to and search for your public key. If it's there, your node is a network member.

@geinsios That's normal. The log (at least on the default logging level) shows only "problems". The current height is now 83 (6/dec/2022 10:16 CET)

@geinsios This looks quite normal to me. Reason: this is an I2P network - sometimes communication between nodes fails. BTW: this is why diva needs a distributed ledger - the network itself is unstable [=costs of anonymity] but the functionality of diva (=exchanging digital values between peers) still requires reliability and resilience. You can check the latest block by using the API of your local chain ( and compare it with Use curl for that.

@geinsios during the startup of the chain, it is normal that there are error messages. Reason: the i2p network is not stable in the beginning and there are quite some packages lost. Nevertheless, after a few minutes, the sync works usually. Check your local explorer or the local chain api using curl. Also the public explorer will help, because there you see your public key.

@geinsios Here is the starting point for you:

this will work within your vps (because i2pd is working within your vps).

@geinsios cool - i2pd is working. Well done. 👍

Now, you can, if you like, try the complete project (please first check - there are for sure some new commits). 😀

@geinsios What about "curl" ? this should output the status page within your terminal (as html, so a bit difficult to read - but you'll figure it out).

So with curl you will know whether i2pd is properly working within your vps (uptime, firewall status, connections to other peers etc.) - this would be step one, before using diva-dockerized as a whole.

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