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I'd like to share the drawing on how we at #DIVA solved the peer-to-peer challenge for the #iroha #blockchain 🌈.

We use #WebRTC to tunnel the iroha traffic. NAT traversal is done with STUN and our own signal server.

#FOSS (GPLv3) #DIVA project:

The complete blog post in German is available here:

I'd love to get some feedback from the #fediverse ❤️

#signal server for v1.0.0 🎉 released:

I also moved this project away from #gitlab over to @codeberg

#docker 🐳 images are available too:

The docker images are auto-built - which is nice - but unfortunately only via the #github mirror (instead directly via #codeberg)

DIVA.EXCHANGE erklärt: so funktioniert die Iroha Blockchain

Ein neuer Blog-Eintrag: es wird beleuchtet wie die Blockchain für das DIVA.EXCHANGE Projekt eingesetzt wird und wie das Peer-to-Peer Problem gelöst wurde, damit die Software für alle einfach zu installieren ist.

Great article about search engines: . 👌 to see that @Mojeek is on the list, . But how to motivate the Mojeek-crawler to crawl the project ? @konrad

Willkommen - teile, lerne und erweitere dein Wissen.
Welcome - share, learn and expand your knowledge.
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