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#ls2 meetings are Mondays, 6:30 PM UTC, IRC #ls2

#I2P got an upgrade to 2.35 🎉😀 🙏

I2P is the prefrerred solutions to seriously protect #privacy. It's #FOSS and long-time standing.

Some of the major changes from a cryptographic view: ECIES-x25519 routers and DSA router keys ar updated to EdDSA.

The comple changelog is found on git:

To start using I2P, this blog article might be helpful:

#docker container here:


BRB: A new I2P-Native IRC Client almost entirely based on Dispatch and Webview (Request for Feedback)

🎉 New Release, v0.5.3, of the #iroha blockchain explorer (#AGPLv3) available on git @codeberg:

Demo of the explorer:


Now, what's special and unique about the #foss iroha blockchain? It's running on #i2p - 🙏 to the ongoing and great efforts of @i2p 🔥 and @social for the support in the association.

Mit dem freien Softwareprojekt DIVA.EXCHANGE zeigen wir, wie die Aufbewahrung, der Handel und der Zahlungsverkehr mit digitalen Werten ganz ohne zentrale Dienstleister funktioniert – sicher und mit kompromisslosem Schutz der Privatsphäre.
In dieser Grafik haben wir versucht zu erklären wies geht. Feedback ist ❤️-lich willkommen 🌈 .

Upgraded the box containing installation of from 18.04 to ubuntu 20.04. That was a rather painful process and this mastodon instance experienced some downtime 😭. Sorry for that.

was the problem (some versions of shared libraries were not available anymore on ubuntu 20.04). This issue helped us solving it:

Long story short: "bundle install --force" within the mastodon/live folder solved the ruby issues. 😀

New docker container update, fixing some minor issues ❤️.

It's an update for "I2P - For Everyone" which offers an entry-level browsing experience for end-users which want to try and by using their favorite browser, like .

It helps users to protect their while browsing the internet.

This blog article explains how to use it: 😍

Get the docker image here 🤩 :

Two #monochrome pictures from two very different places: one close to Yuma, #Arizona, USA - the other from Favignana, #Sicily, Italy. #photography #mywork

The English translation of the "Why it's important to run an #I2P reseed server" is now online:

🙏 to the growing #diva community for all the help on the mission to create free banking and exchange technology. #foss #privacy ❤️ .

Hier ist ein neuer Artikel über den ernsthaften Schutz der Privatsphäre. Im weiteren geht es in diesem Zusammenhang um die Motivation, Notwendigkeit und Wichtigkeit einen Reseed Server zu betreiben 👏:

@carolyn @konrad

Public and instance has been upgraded from v3.1.5 to v3.2.0 👍

The instance is open to the public to foster discussions in the area of: , , , , free and for everyone - see - is an AGPLv3 project. is also listed on . Thanks for all the efforts @Gargron

#FOSS #art exhibition in Berlin, Germany. Team of visited it today - truly great work! Thank you @mondstern for your creativity. 🚀💯👍

Today, a presentation was held for the community.

Video (10mins) 👀 :

Core topic: the Iroha Blockchain Explorer - a useful and solution to explore any Hyperledger/Iroha Blockchain.

(AGPLv3) provided by via its repository on

@konrad @carolyn

Ein neuer Release ist verfügbar: v2.33.0 🔥 - und das Projekt,, stellt einen offiziellen Reseed Server für I2P zur Verfügung.

Die Dateien sind ebenfalls aktuell:

Der Source Code ist im Repository auf :

Einen Reseed Server zu betreiben stellt hohe Anforderung an die . Die @i2p Entwickler haben dies gut 👏 dokumentiert:

🙏 an alle Unterstützer von

Upcoming Friday starts a #foss focusing #art exhibition in Berlin, Germany. Painted icons of @fdroidorg and @codeberg projects. See - thanks to @mondstern for initiating this.

The #foss GPLv3 project #diva, located on the great git repository @codeberg - got it's own short introduction video (~3mins):

It's about creating free (as in freedom) banking and exchange technology for everyone. The technology shall grant full #privacy (by also using #i2p) and it's neutral towards all digital values. There are also co-ops with academia (#research projects).

Upgrading to 3.2.0 from 3.1.5 results in 500 errors in the mastodon web interface after user login.

Any feedback would be much appreciated.

Following and

The website is now also available in russian:

Many thanks to the contributors 🙏 ❤️❤️.

Happy weekend!


Die Webseite gibt es jetzt auch in russischer Sprache:

❤️❤️-lichen Dank an die Contributer.

Happy weekend ☀️


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