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Upgraded instance to the latest version - again a very smooth experience 👏

🙏 to the all the developers and supporters of this great and intelligent social media network, @Gargron

Lots of great stuff 😍 to discover at #FOSDEM this year. Wow.

@i2p - the creators of the wonderful #privacy-by-design #I2P network - will be discussed. Inspiring work of #foss artist (acryl on canvas) @mondstern will be shown - and that's just in the #DIVA talk 👀:

Thanks a lot to @fosdem for all the efforts and giving a platform to #agplv3 projects. 🌈🙏❤️


Welcome - newcomers - to the mastodon instance ❤️

Please read 🔥 :

There we explain the rules of this instance.

Toots which contain "Content which is barely related technically or socially to the context of DIVA.EXCHANGE" - will be deleted and the user will be banned. Just to be clear. 🐘

We welcome all new users! Help to grow.

Talk to us if you have questions or doubts.

The Free and Open Source Conference will happen in February 😍 🔥 !

This year also with the -based (-first!) DIVA.EXCHANGE 🙏

Save the date: 7. Februar 2021, 14:00 CET ❤️

software: - get involved and join the community to learn and evolve.

@konrad @fosdem

Uuh, we forgot: there is also a package available of the Iroha blockchain explorer:

Demo is here:

Thanks to the community 🌈 and @konrad for support and development. 🚀😍

There is a new release of the Iroha blockchain explorer available. 🎉

It fixes some user interface bugs. 😁

Additionally we made it compatible with the images of iroha.

Get it here -

The #agplv3 Blockchain Explorer got updated to 0.6.0. 😁 Source code on @codeberg here:

Mostly UX issues were closed, paging features were introduced 🎉.


It works with every #iroha #blockchain (a very lean and highly energy efficient chain). The iroha blockchain is permissionless and running on #i2p - which is unique.


Smaller Tunnel Build Messages ( Prop 157) This is part of the overall ECIES router proposal. Join the weekly conversation.
#ls2 meetings are Mondays, 6:30 PM UTC, IRC #ls2

#I2P got an upgrade to 2.35 🎉😀 🙏

I2P is the prefrerred solutions to seriously protect #privacy. It's #FOSS and long-time standing.

Some of the major changes from a cryptographic view: ECIES-x25519 routers and DSA router keys ar updated to EdDSA.

The comple changelog is found on git:

To start using I2P, this blog article might be helpful:

#docker container here:


BRB: A new I2P-Native IRC Client almost entirely based on Dispatch and Webview (Request for Feedback)

🎉 New Release, v0.5.3, of the #iroha blockchain explorer (#AGPLv3) available on git @codeberg:

Demo of the explorer:


Now, what's special and unique about the #foss iroha blockchain? It's running on #i2p - 🙏 to the ongoing and great efforts of @i2p 🔥 and @social for the support in the association.

Mit dem freien Softwareprojekt DIVA.EXCHANGE zeigen wir, wie die Aufbewahrung, der Handel und der Zahlungsverkehr mit digitalen Werten ganz ohne zentrale Dienstleister funktioniert – sicher und mit kompromisslosem Schutz der Privatsphäre.
In dieser Grafik haben wir versucht zu erklären wies geht. Feedback ist ❤️-lich willkommen 🌈 .

Upgraded the box containing installation of from 18.04 to ubuntu 20.04. That was a rather painful process and this mastodon instance experienced some downtime 😭. Sorry for that.

was the problem (some versions of shared libraries were not available anymore on ubuntu 20.04). This issue helped us solving it:

Long story short: "bundle install --force" within the mastodon/live folder solved the ruby issues. 😀

New docker container update, fixing some minor issues ❤️.

It's an update for "I2P - For Everyone" which offers an entry-level browsing experience for end-users which want to try and by using their favorite browser, like .

It helps users to protect their while browsing the internet.

This blog article explains how to use it: 😍

Get the docker image here 🤩 :

Two #monochrome pictures from two very different places: one close to Yuma, #Arizona, USA - the other from Favignana, #Sicily, Italy. #photography #mywork

The English translation of the "Why it's important to run an #I2P reseed server" is now online:

🙏 to the growing #diva community for all the help on the mission to create free banking and exchange technology. #foss #privacy ❤️ .

Hier ist ein neuer Artikel über den ernsthaften Schutz der Privatsphäre. Im weiteren geht es in diesem Zusammenhang um die Motivation, Notwendigkeit und Wichtigkeit einen Reseed Server zu betreiben 👏:

@carolyn @konrad

Public and instance has been upgraded from v3.1.5 to v3.2.0 👍

The instance is open to the public to foster discussions in the area of: , , , , free and for everyone - see - is an AGPLv3 project. is also listed on . Thanks for all the efforts @Gargron

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