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#LibreTranslate ist ein open source Uebersetzungsservice,kostenlos,ohne Registrierung,ohne Tracking,ohne Werbung.Ich hab das Projekt heute gefunden und ausprobiert und mir gefaellts 👍
Die Ergebnisse sind ueberraschend gut,auch wenn es vielleicht nicht ganz an #DeepL heran kommt.Dafuer bietet LibreTranslate aber auch eine kostenlose API,womit man es in Apps,Addons,Webseiten,... problemlos integrieren kann.
Wer noch nach dem richtigen Uebersetzer sucht,sollte das unbedingt mal ausprobieren.Am besten auf der Instanz von @SolSoCoG ,die ist in Deutschland gehostet und kommt ohne Drittanbieter aus:
Die offizielle Instanz wuerde ich eher weniger empfehlen,die laeuft ueber CloudFlare,sperrt Tor Nutzer aus und bindet ganz viel Drittanbieterzeugs (unter anderem von Google) ein.

@sexybiggetje thank you for your scss contribution on codeberg for . 🙏👍

The last weeks have been intensive on the communication side of the project - we are looking forward to focus again more on code. 🚀

#FOSDEM21 is coming to an end and it was awesome as always 🤘

we have an estimation of ~33.6k attendees for the conference and ~20k attendees for today...impressive...and now take this numbers and try to fill the ULB 😱

anyway. after FOSDEM is before #FOSDEM so looking forward to see you on #FOSDEM22 , maybe in place on ULB or online as this year =)

many thanks again to @matrix team, @fosdem and all volunteers 🍻

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Today at #fosdem we'll also mention the #git repository #codeberg a lot in the 15-minute talk about #diva:

Probably it's one of the talks @fosdem with the most #codeberg links per minute 😀 .

Join the conference:

So: Thank you @codeberg for providing the perfect git repository to us. It's a great experience to work with it and we're happy to donate to this association. Keep up your great work! 🚀

@heiseonline wie im Kommentar zum Artikel vermerkt - der Link zur #fosdem fehlt im Artikel 🤣🤣... Hier ebenfalls: - hingehen und staunen über Grossartiges. 😁

@linmob Sure! Saturday, 14:40: - Manufacturing of Open Source Devices in Cameroon - sounds like really interesting and super cool innovative stuff... 🚀 👍

and Sunday 14:00 - #i2p #agplv3 talk about a fully distributed bank/exchange *without* any central business model (yes, my own stuff 😳):

Hey, it starts tomorrow as a great get-together of #foss enthusiasts. Join #fosdem online and celebrate borderless innovation and dedication.

#i2p #agplv3 event, Sunday 1400CET


Schon bald habe ich mein 2-jähriges Mastodon-Jubiläum 🙂.

Danke @milan für die tolle Arbeit auf dieser bzw. für diese Instanz.

Bereute es bisher keinen einzigen Tag ✨

#mastodon #rocks #thanks

Upgraded instance to the latest version - again a very smooth experience 👏

🙏 to the all the developers and supporters of this great and intelligent social media network, @Gargron

Lots of great stuff 😍 to discover at #FOSDEM this year. Wow.

@i2p - the creators of the wonderful #privacy-by-design #I2P network - will be discussed. Inspiring work of #foss artist (acryl on canvas) @mondstern will be shown - and that's just in the #DIVA talk 👀:

Thanks a lot to @fosdem for all the efforts and giving a platform to #agplv3 projects. 🌈🙏❤️


Welcome - newcomers - to the mastodon instance ❤️

Please read 🔥 :

There we explain the rules of this instance.

Toots which contain "Content which is barely related technically or socially to the context of DIVA.EXCHANGE" - will be deleted and the user will be banned. Just to be clear. 🐘

We welcome all new users! Help to grow.

Talk to us if you have questions or doubts.

The Free and Open Source Conference will happen in February 😍 🔥 !

This year also with the -based (-first!) DIVA.EXCHANGE 🙏

Save the date: 7. Februar 2021, 14:00 CET ❤️

software: - get involved and join the community to learn and evolve.

@konrad @fosdem

Uuh, we forgot: there is also a package available of the Iroha blockchain explorer:

Demo is here:

Thanks to the community 🌈 and @konrad for support and development. 🚀😍

There is a new release of the Iroha blockchain explorer available. 🎉

It fixes some user interface bugs. 😁

Additionally we made it compatible with the images of iroha.

Get it here -

The #agplv3 Blockchain Explorer got updated to 0.6.0. 😁 Source code on @codeberg here:

Mostly UX issues were closed, paging features were introduced 🎉.


It works with every #iroha #blockchain (a very lean and highly energy efficient chain). The iroha blockchain is permissionless and running on #i2p - which is unique.


Smaller Tunnel Build Messages ( Prop 157) This is part of the overall ECIES router proposal. Join the weekly conversation.
#ls2 meetings are Mondays, 6:30 PM UTC, IRC #ls2

#I2P got an upgrade to 2.35 🎉😀 🙏

I2P is the prefrerred solutions to seriously protect #privacy. It's #FOSS and long-time standing.

Some of the major changes from a cryptographic view: ECIES-x25519 routers and DSA router keys ar updated to EdDSA.

The comple changelog is found on git:

To start using I2P, this blog article might be helpful:

#docker container here:


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