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Two images: #blackandwhite #photography of #Panama City. It shows two (touristic) faces of a fast growing urban area.

And yes, the images serve a cliché - there are also lots of dark and sad corners of this city.

But the friendly people all over #Panama make this country with all its beauty to be one of the best spots in the world. 💙🌍

It's #ilovefs day and please take a minute to think about the *developers* 🌈 of software. All these creatively working engineers and UX professionals commit source code to independent repositories like, for example, #sourcehut - - or #codeberg.

What about taking a stroll through these repositories now and look at new and interesting out-of-the-box stuff - like ❤️

All #licenses, properly categorized, are found here:

Here is a series of humming #bird shots, which I like because of the colors and the dynamic. And yes - this bird is a #diva too. 🌈🤩

Took the #photos last week on 1900m above sea level. #myworks

Anyone knows the species? #askfedi

#nature #photography

#mywork #nature #photography #ccbysa

My first Quetzal in the wild (well, where else 😁)... And it's not breading season yet - so that wasn't that easy.

I'm constantly trying to figure out if when i like a toot, i should favorite it or boost it, ideas? how to you use it?

#photography of a #butterfly, about 6-8cm wide. Central America, Pacific Region, approx. 500m above sea level. Reverse image search did not help me. Anyone knows the species?

#askfedi #nature #mywork #ccbysa

Some more #nature stuff: before I could harvest the oranges after my #hike, I had to cross this beautiful bridge. The bridge is made for horses and humans.

Wild #coffee plant with flowers and beans. Returned from a long, exhausting and remote #hike today in jungle lowlands along streams. Probably I 😍 coffee.

Sometimes I even think about #i2p and where the fully #distributed #agplv3 project #diva will take us. I am convinced: to a better place as todays well-known #blockchain solutions and #diva will lead to sustainable and responsible income streams for everyone.

#nature inspires and motivates me in all aspects.

Is anyone familiar with packaging a #nodejs application into a single binary?


Current solution: using #vercel/pkg ( which results in a 40MB standalone executable (linux/386 platform build).

Example of the #agplv3 project using this is

The specific #bash script is here

It would be great to reduce the size of the binary significantly.

#agplv3 #foss #libre #js #pleaseboost #codeberg

Weshalb sind immer wieder so viele Menschen überrascht, dass plötzlich was kosten soll wenn es von einer gewinnorientierten Firma angeboten wird? Sich aber ums verreken gegen #OpenSource Angebote wehren und mit Foo & FUD argumentieren das mensch irgendwo aufgeschnappt hat. Ihr lebt im #Kapitalismus aber begriffen habt ihr ihn anscheinend noch nicht ganz.


🎉 Stable SAM library: since a few weeks the JS library is on v4.x. It is referenced in the official @i2p documentation here:​

I2P is "-by-design" technology and protects end users efficiently. A SAM library enables applications to communicate over I2P.

Quite some downloads of the library, it seems to have proven. At , the banking tech for everyone, we are happy with it.

Git repo is here:

I love my new #Wireguard + #pihole setup. I've set it up for split tunneling, but might do full tunneling and use a tor/i2p proxy as well.

🔥 New release of - the and the explorer have been updated on the git repo on @codeberg - it's all licensed. ❤️

The explorer release is here:

This is the repo of the chain:

Energy-efficient, completely private ("Privacy-By-Design" - all over I2P, @i2p), a wide range of use cases and truly .

Welcome to the fully distributed data ledger for everybody and all sorts of digital values.

Neuer Release von - die und der explorer wurden auf @codeberg aktualisiert. Alles . 🔥

Hier gehts zum Explorer-Release:

Hier gehts zum Repo der Chain:

Energieeffizient, konsequent Privatsphäre-schützend (alles über I2P, @i2p), breit einsetzbar und echt .

Willkommen beim vollständig verteilten Datenspeicher für alle und alle digitalen Werte.

What you think hacking looks like vs. What hacking actually looks like

Here is some new and important research done by the College University of Dublin, Ireland 😍 :

In a nutshell: it's about de-anonymization. The researchers followed the approach to fingerprint the availability of I2P peers. And it's about "[...]detect traffic at scale[...]".

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