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🤩 New release - here is the complete post:

It is about the latest release and the fixes for the issues reported by the growing community 🙏.

It is a fully distributed storage layer, aka . Private, secure, open, highly energy efficient. Developed in coop with Swiss universities.

💝 It is licensed, so stuff.

#I2P provides secure and private communication.

Related blog a article and the "How To" here:

#docker image is also available:

#diva is actively researching i2p together with #swiss universities.

#FOSS #FLOSS #AGPLv3 code as always available on or (mirror)


Video channel:

Edit: removed UTF-8 chars after links.

Are you inviting new people and folks to the ? Use as a link to help them choosing an instance. 🌈💪

lol ok yet another tip for new users: 5 boosts/favorites is a lot for mastodon! 50 is legit "viral". Don't be discouraged by low numbers (as compared to other platforms) -- we're here to have fun, not get internet famous.

library is getting more and more downloads 😍


The library enables secure, non-discriminatory and private communication between nodes in a fully distributed network.

A test network (aka "explorer") for one of the use cases (diva) is found here:

is a scientific/research project in . You can join too, if you like. It's all and focussing on . See also


🎉 New divachain release out on codeberg and github. Close to production grade. divachain is a fully , -based generic purpose and generic distributed storage (aka ). It is lightweight and highly efficient (PBFT-PoS consensus).

See here:

🔥 A new version, v4.0.3, of the #I2P #SAM library has been published by #diva. 😍

The library enables secure, non-discriminatory and private communication between nodes in a fully distributed network.

A test network (aka "explorer") for one of the use cases (diva) is found here:

diva is a scientific/research project in #switzerland (devs are all over the world). You can join too, if you like.



🔥 Eine neue Version, v4.0.3, der Bibliothek wurde von veröffentlicht. 😍

Die Bibliothek erlaubt sichere, nicht-diskriminierende und private Kommunikation zwischen vollständig verteilten Knoten.

Das Testnetzwerk und "Explorer" zu diva:

diva ist ein wissenschaftliches und offenes Projekt in der (mit unterdessen weltweiten Entwicklern). Auch du kannst mitmachen.


"I2P for Everyone" has been updated - based on I2Pd v2.41.0.

🎉 Release on #git & related #blog article:


#I2P enables people all over the world to protect their rights and #privacy.

Educational fact: I2P is by default *not* storing any data in transit on local devices.

#diva is working together with universities & academia and doing #research on #i2p.

A huge 🙏 & ❤️ to the growing sponsor community in #Switzerland - you rock!


"I2P for Everyone" wurde veröffentlicht, basierend auf I2Pd v2.41.0.

🎉 Release via & zugehöriger Artikel:


ermöglicht allen Menschen ihre digitalen Rechte und die zu schützen.

Wissen: I2P speichert per Default keine fremden Daten auf dem lokalen Gerät.

arbeitet mit Universitäten und Akademia zusammen und erforscht I2P.

Grosses 🙏 & ❤️ an alle Sponsoren in der .

As a #mastoadmin of the #fediverse instance I am trying to figure out some better procedures:

* How do you fight spam accounts on an open instance (IMO "by invitation" is kind of against the spirit of the fedi)?
*, and some other domains are blocked, what's your view on this?
* are there any useful bots for mastoadmins?
* other tips?

#bloggers - links are welcome, as long as it is mastoadmin related 🤣

#askfedi #askfediverse

@sexybiggetje great stuff. I2Pd ready to use #docker container here for easy deployment (for those which like docker):

Source code of the container and build process on codeberg, gitlab and github.

A Blue Jeans Frog in the rainforest, almost at sea level. Uh, I just ❤️ the colors. #nature #photography #mywork #ccbysa 🐸

I've released a new version (0.3.0) python wrapper for the LocalMonero / AgoraDesk API

Main changes:
- Updates for changes in the API
- Completed missing methods.

Get the new version at:

Issues, ideas, source code at:

What is your favourite #gemini get-started / how-to article? What's your favourite pro/con gemini article? All views welcome - explicitly also non-gemini-mainstream views and comments 🌈🙏

#research #askfediverse #askmastodon

I2P 1.7.0 now available in the Launchpad PPA and Deb repo - other packaging to follow

Wir haben wieder paar Perlen für euch:
=> Interoperabilität v. Messengern: wie es doch klappen könnte.
=> Quantencomputer die Verschlüsselung knacken
=> Begrenzte Zeitrechnung in Software
=> wie Clearview die Welt "erobern" & jede/n identifizierbar macht

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