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People say, "The Internet is forever".

This is not true. So much on the Internet has disappeared. I would state further that more has disappeared from the Internet than currently what exists.

This is one reason I wish that a P2P content delivery system was the default: because not only would it deliver information faster, information would depend less on WHERE it is and more on WHAT it is -- thereby creating an avenue for redundancies.

🎉 New #I2P SAM library v4.1.1 release.

The library is feature-complete and helps the diverse universe of privacy-by-default applications to use the I2P network.

Do you want to learn more about #privacy, state-of-the-art #cryptography and how #foss applications use the I2P network? 18/19 of June #MoneroKon2022 in Lisbon - also available as stream:

Release notes:

#npm package:

In Lisbon June 18/19 (Saturday & Sunday): has a highly interesting and diverse schedule: - community made this conf happen - great stuff.

🙏 for having presenting new @i2p research done together with Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts,

Edited: date

Hiking in the Swiss mountains today. Great place to relax and think about the presentation of #i2p / #diva at upcoming #MoneroKon2022 in Lisbon. 🌈🚀

I2P community, I need your help with a project!
I need to know what apps, plugins, services that you use, have created or operate.

The I2P 1.8.0 Release includes a preliminary implementation of SSU2, which is disabled by default. If you wish to participate in testing, please look for current information on zzz.i2p.

i2p 1.8.0 Release

This release includes bug fixes in i2psnark, the router, I2CP, and UPnP. Router fixes address bugs in soft restart, IPv6, SSU peer testing, network database stores, and tunnel building. Router family handling and Sybil classification have also been significantly improved.


Want an awesome opportunity? MuWire needs a new maintainer: This is an opportunity to learn about what it is like to create and maintain an I2P service from a very experienced contributor. #I2P

🤩 New release - here is the complete post:

It is about the latest release and the fixes for the issues reported by the growing community 🙏.

It is a fully distributed storage layer, aka . Private, secure, open, highly energy efficient. Developed in coop with Swiss universities.

💝 It is licensed, so stuff.

#I2P provides secure and private communication.

Related blog a article and the "How To" here:

#docker image is also available:

#diva is actively researching i2p together with #swiss universities.

#FOSS #FLOSS #AGPLv3 code as always available on or (mirror)


Video channel:

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Are you inviting new people and folks to the ? Use as a link to help them choosing an instance. 🌈💪

lol ok yet another tip for new users: 5 boosts/favorites is a lot for mastodon! 50 is legit "viral". Don't be discouraged by low numbers (as compared to other platforms) -- we're here to have fun, not get internet famous.

library is getting more and more downloads 😍


The library enables secure, non-discriminatory and private communication between nodes in a fully distributed network.

A test network (aka "explorer") for one of the use cases (diva) is found here:

is a scientific/research project in . You can join too, if you like. It's all and focussing on . See also


🎉 New divachain release out on codeberg and github. Close to production grade. divachain is a fully , -based generic purpose and generic distributed storage (aka ). It is lightweight and highly efficient (PBFT-PoS consensus).

See here:

🔥 A new version, v4.0.3, of the #I2P #SAM library has been published by #diva. 😍

The library enables secure, non-discriminatory and private communication between nodes in a fully distributed network.

A test network (aka "explorer") for one of the use cases (diva) is found here:

diva is a scientific/research project in #switzerland (devs are all over the world). You can join too, if you like.



🔥 Eine neue Version, v4.0.3, der Bibliothek wurde von veröffentlicht. 😍

Die Bibliothek erlaubt sichere, nicht-diskriminierende und private Kommunikation zwischen vollständig verteilten Knoten.

Das Testnetzwerk und "Explorer" zu diva:

diva ist ein wissenschaftliches und offenes Projekt in der (mit unterdessen weltweiten Entwicklern). Auch du kannst mitmachen.


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