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I Can See My IP Address!!!
Yes, this is how a fully distributed peer-to-peer network works. Every node participates in routing packets for others, so your IP address must be known to establish connections. While the fact that your computer runs I2P software is public, nobody can see your activities in the network. For instance, you cannot see if a user behind an IP address is sharing files, hosting a website, doing research or just running a node to contribute bandwidth to the project.

On running a Mastodon Instance, for nearly five years now, time to reflect on the good, the bad, the ugly

Es interessiert euch wahrscheinlich nicht, dass Saphir und Rubin beides Varietäten des Minerals Korund sind, das man sonst aus Schmirgelpapier kennt.

Die rote Farbe von Rubin kommt von Spuren von Chrom, die blaue vom Saphir von Eisen, Titan und Vanadium.

#Geologie #Mineralogie #AusDerArbeit

Wie man Programme auf dem Raspberry Pi Pico so einrichtet das diese automatisch starten erfährst du hier

🎉 Neue Version des Explorers veröffentlicht, siehe:

Der Explorer kann u.a. hier angesehen werden: .

ist ein wissenschaftliches Projekt in der mit Fokus auf Forschung von Privatsphäre-schützenden vollständig verteilten Systemen. Unterrichtet wird u.a. an der Hochschule . Forschende können sich bei bewerben für Unterstützung (Kontakt, siehe

Portrait of u/linearlesbian from r/RedditGetsDrawn community. As usual my favourite water soluble oil paint on canvas panel, 24x30cm.

This portrait was very fun and not easy to paint.

#Portrait #RedditGetsDrawn #OilPainting #TraditionalPainting #OilPortrait #OilOnCanvas #Dreadlocks #MastoArt

🥀🖖 Randnotiz eines Entwicklers: wird für einen neuen Software Release irgendwann für eine kurze Zeit in den kommenden 72h offline sein.

Die Knoten sind im Netzwerk verteilt. Da es ein Testnetzwerk ist, und der Software Release zahlreiche neue Features bringen wird, werden die Daten im Testnetzwerk gelöscht.

Code und hier:

👑 🔇 Cool. Realized you can download the so-called #fedified CSV list and import the file to your #Mastodon #mute list so you don't have to see all the clout chasers coming here thinking that their following count should give them some kind of special privileges in the #Fediverse.

:boost_requested: Boost for public service? 💜

Screenshot: @OCRbot eng

@suguru Agreed. Forget #web3 - has nothing to do with serious #blockchain technology. Most so-called "blockchains"(polkadot, solana, almost all erc token etc.) are centralized scams which running their services within a few data centres faking "lots of nodes". There are not many blockchain projects around which are also doing serious and transparent #academic work.

#diva is one of the academic and transparent ones - yet tiny.

So: never get close to "web3" - it's just "ico scam v3".

Hello Fediverse!

My name is Fuchs, fox in (Swiss) German. I am a swiss IT guy rambling about free / open source software, tech stuff, cycling and archery.

You might know me from what was freenode and now or from KDE stuff.

My fluffier self can be found at

Nice to meet you ❤️

I must say I am very sensible to the way #SourceHut is dealing with the upcoming changes in their Terms of Service, and feel like they're doing all the right things in all the right ways.

Kudos to @sir and the team

The weather was so lovely that I skipped work and climbed by bicycle. Autumn is the most colorful season of the year in the Yatsugatake Mountains. I wonder how many more times I can climb before winter sets in.

#FollowFriday #ff

Here are some interesting accounts in the area of #privacy, #FreeSoftware, #opensource and #academia

@i2p - Home of the Invisible Internet Protocol, I2P

@social - Home of academic research and open source in the area of network privacy

@sadiedoreen - I2P Usability Lab founder

@Opicaak - Creator of a brand new privacy-focused Live Operating System

One of my real sketches👇what do you think? worth to continue?

hi I'm UX/UI designer interested in problem solving, sketching, and Product design .. Love to be part of any worthy idea to turn it to a product✌️

I am Software Engineer and interested in Python, Apache Airflow, SQL, etc.

«This is the charmingest place we have ever lived in, for repose, & restfulness, & superb scenery whose beauty undergoes a perpetual processional change from one miracle to another, yet never runs short of fresh surprises & new inventions. We shall always come here for the summers if we can.»
- Mark Twain, Letter to Joseph Twichell from Weggis, , 31
July 1897

Agreed, also in 2022. 💯💜 @konrad

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Willkommen - teile, lerne und erweitere dein Wissen.
Welcome - share, learn and expand your knowledge.
#FOSS #banking #blockchain #DIVA #privacy
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