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DIVA is innovative and truly software. It consists of @GetI2P, and a user interface. Divachain is a very modern blockchain using "Democratic Byzantine Fault Tolerance". Join the opensource and on

Community building of @i2p might evolve, here is the
related issue to comment and vote:

Everyone interested in and is invited.

@sadiedoreen @mark22k

#Morocco wins 🚀💜💯. That's just perfect. Perfect. #Portugal had a final top possibility... and missed it. Just 💙 this game #soccer #worldcup #teamspirit #diversity

Wow - this is great ☀️ ⭐ 👏 ! #Morocco wins - and they played great during the tournament. What a wonderful team effort and fascinating last 10 minutes of the match! #soccer #worldcup #spain

🇬🇧 Server rules of have been updated today. Regular and automated maintenance got introduced. Accounts will be removed after three months of inactivity.

😍 Thanks to all constructive members of the community - what a great experience. 🔥

🇩🇪 Serverregeln von wurden heute aktualisiert. Inaktive Konten werden nach drei Monaten automatisch gelöscht.


good thread:
In TLS 1.3, what is the added value of deriving the final application keys and discarding the handshake keys ?

> ist ein Kollateralschaden einer Industrie, die verblendet durch einen beispiellosen Bullenmarkt die Möglichkeit einer Kreditkrise vollständig ignorierte und sich damit selbst zu Fall brachte.

Interested in new #music from an outstanding artist?

Matilde, from #Ticino #Switzerland, a highly talented singer and probably the most exciting newcomer in the past years. Italianità!

Playlist, a selection of her #art:

What an amazing #soccer game, second half, #Switzerland #Cameroon. Breel Embolo, with Cameroonian roots, makes the first goal for Switzerland at #soccerworldcup. Soccer stands for #friendship #diversity and simply great #sports 🌈💜. There were other great games like England vs. Iran, Argentina vs. Saudi Arabia, Germany vs. Japan or Canada vs. Belgium. Great stuff.

This I2P release I am thinking about all of the past devs who worked on the project. I am thinking about how the team would be getting excited to see each other at Congress in December and making sure we had stickers and our table for the event.
Things change, people leave, the project continues. It has been a strange few years.

Reach out to the devs and give them some love.

Lots of 💙 to the #fediverse from your distributed systems guy and #blockchain developer.

Remember L. Peter Deutsch/James Gosling and the "Eight Fallacies of Distributed Computing"?

Number 4: The network is secure.

🔒 Security and #i2p are research areas of #diva.

@social #FreeSoftware #floss #infosec #DigitalSelfDetermination

Projects and research at

I2P release 2.0.0 enables our new UDP transport SSU2:
Read more about SSU2:

By combining industry-standard encryption with the best features of UDP protocols WireGuard and QUIC, together with the censorship resistance features of our TCP protocol "NTCP2". SSU2 may be one of the most secure transport protocols ever designed. #I2P

Very cool 🙏 : devs have now added Release Notes to v2.44.0:

Here is an extract:

* SSU2 is enabled and SSU is disabled by default
* Fixed endless processing of long HTTP headers for HTTP proxy and HTTP server tunnel
* SSU2 through SOCKS5 UDP proxy
* Random selection between NTCP2 and SSU2 for transport
* Fixed crash at startup if addressbook is disabled
* Added notbob.i2p to jump services
* NTCP2 ipv6 connection through SOCKS5 proxy

See all

🎉 I2Pd 2.44.0 wurde soeben veröffentlicht, hier:

Die Release Notes sind etwas dünn ausgefallen 😀.

Grosses 🙏 an alle Entwickler und @i2p

English -> @konrad

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