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The I2P-SAM library is enabling applications to communicate through the network. I2P is a fully distributed, "privacy-by-design" network.

To get I2P up and running, take a look at the project

I2P-SAM is a solution to use straight from your JavaScript/TypeScript application.
Watch the video: developing simple and convenient “privacy-by-design” Javascript/TypeScript apps,

Every major software development must be tested properly.

Students @HSLU took an active part in the creation and testing of (’s blockchain). Want to try it yourself?


Video: together with @hslu: Creating a for the network leverages the power of a fully distributed network without central authority.

Watch the presentation at :

the new video for is now available:

🙏🙏 ❤️ ❤️ Thanks again for the great commmunity support at FOSDEM and all the great feedback received - all three talks & presentations were crowded... so the videos should help.

Anyone can test the latest development - Overlay Network without a Central Authority.
Please, visit https:/ created a prototype for - a D-BFT-blockchain is
a very reasonable solution approach.
In mid-December 2022, students at the @HSLU created a prototype solution including the API.
More information:

#FOSDEM @social talks about @i2p which seems to be needed as 90% of the audience never used it. Maybe try it today?

You won’t believe it, but has another presentation at today. Topic: : Major Changes of the Peer-to-Peer Network.

Follow the broadcast and learn a lot about new developments:

Today at , we’ll talk about for Privacy-Protecting Peer-to-Peer Applications.
It will be interesting. Do not miss, join online:

Thank you #fosdem - the #i2p #dns talk was great. The room was crowded and quite a queue outside. Thanks for an awesome large audience of great competence. The Q&A was fun. 💙💙💙

More #diva. More #i2p. More research, insights and knowledge, tomorrow Sunday - don't miss it:

The video will be live soon #fosdem2023:

Today is the opening of and the first's presentation: for : a Distributed Network without Central Authority

You can follow it online.

Tomorrow, February 4, will start. will present its latest developments and plans.

Join us, it’ll be fun!

#fosdem23 Brussels, Belgium, don't miss the conference, don't miss the wonderful bars in Flagey #beer. 💙 Here: #diva

Why is so important? Because it allows developers and project enthusiasts to meet in one place.

Join us online

During will present 3 presentations:
- for ;
- for -protect app;
- : Major changes to the peer-to-peer network.

Join us in

Join us at this Saturday! There will be many interesting things about I2P, overlay network, DNS many other.

FOSDEM 2023 is only a week away! I can't make it in person but I will be there in spirit. If you're like me and stuck at home, I recommend you attend a few live streams. Linux mobile content can be found in the "FOSS on Mobile Devices devroom" and the "Embedded, Mobile and Automotive devroom" . Presentations will also be viewable after the fact. #pinetime #fosdem

Join us this weekend at #FOSDEM in Brussels! Say hello to LibreOffice community members at our stand, and check out the tech-tastic talks in our devroom:

At upcoming will focus on some important changes to the I2P protocol: cryptography was upgraded and software packages were released in late 2022.
Lightning talks

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