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Secure your assets with's innovative @GetI2P technology. No more worries about prying eyes or data breaches!

Join the fully distributed movement with @DigitalValueX! Experience a borderless, censorship-resistant platform that puts users back in control of their funds.

The problem of privacy can be effectively solved. @DigitalValueX's integration protects your identity and transaction details, giving you peace of mind while trading.

Centralization and intermediaries pose a threat. @diva_exchange leverages I2P technology to ensure secure and anonymous transactions.

Discover the power of fully distributed exchanges with @DigitalValueX! Embrace the future of private trading and regain control of your assets.

10. Experience the beauty of distributed systems with! Join a trustless and user-centric ecosystem that prioritizes security, privacy, and community-driven development. Together, we shape the future of digital exchanges.

Unlock unparalleled financial freedom on! As your own custodian, you maintain complete control over your digital assets, empowering you to manage your portfolio with confidence.

There is no reason ever for this. Now, more than ever we need to be working on creating and implementing familiar and usable applications for the I2P network. None of this gets any better. Your privacy matters. Your traffic should not be available for monitoring or hoarding by any third party, EVER.

Embrace the future of finance with distributed exchanges like .exchange. A transparent and censorship-resistant platform is built on the robust foundation of blockchain, offering the promise of a new digital economy.

Safeguard your privacy on! Enjoy trading without compromising your anonymity. Your personal data stays protected, giving you the confidence to explore the market freely.


Research: the costs of #privacy in terms of network latency within the #I2P network. 🙏 to @social

Interesting: looks like one I2P configuration improves the privacy of network users significantly, but the distribution of latency does not change much. Original post:

Source code:

🎉 🔥 New I2P-SAM library release (v5.0.1):

I2P SAM library: enabling applications to communicate through the I2P network.

What is #I2P? I2P is an anonymous network layer allowing censorship-resistant and end-to-end-encrypted communication. I2P is a fully distributed, "privacy-by-design" peer-to-peer network. Read more:


#privacy #diva @social

Embrace to its fullest with's unparalleled interoperability. Access a diverse range of financial services within a single ecosystem, empowering your crypto journey like never before.

🎉 New DIVA.EXCHANGE research: the costs of in terms of network latency within the network.

Findings, in a nutshell: it's beneficial to use an advanced privacy configuration within I2P (like variable tunnel length), instead of using the default configuration. The chart shows that the latency distribution is very similiar, while one configuration features a significantly higher privacy level.

Source code:

Embrace the true essence of distributed trading on! Our non-custodial model ensures that you hold the keys to your assets, eliminating the risk of exchange hacks and providing unparalleled security.

Embracing fully distributed cryptocurrency exchanges, as developed by, signifies a global shift towards financial empowerment. By democratizing access to trading and removing barriers to entry, it promotes financial inclusion and economic sovereignty.

Safeguard your assets with's fully distributed model, ensuring robust security against hacking and theft. By leveraging cryptographic techniques and distributed network, it provides users with control over their funds and protects against vulnerabilities inherent in centralized exchanges.

Experience blazing-fast transactions and enhanced efficiency through's fully distributed trading platform. Built on cutting-edge consensus mechanisms, it eliminates the need for intermediaries and enables peer-to-peer transactions at unprecedented speeds.

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